1. icksmehl:

    Dark Souls II DLC

    Crown of the Old Iron King

    Release: August 27, 2014

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  2. Dark Souls 2 Screenshot

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  3. Dark Souls - Gwyn, Lord of Cinder Cover

    Interpret: Songe

    Komponist: Motoi Sakuraba

  4. Dark Souls II - Hollow Lullaby Trailer (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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  5. icksmehl:

    Dark Souls as 16-Bit Platformer


    Artist Dave Rapoza took Dark Souls and reimagined it as a 2D platformer from the 16-bit era, and man I can already see that health bar dropping like a fly.

  6. Dark Souls II - Cursed Trailer (PS3, Xbox 360)

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  7. Dark Souls II Screenshots (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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